How to Create a Pond Maintenance Log

It is time to be thinking about a reopening your pond to enjoy for the warmer seasons. This time of year is great for being outdoors.  We want to help make sure that enjoyment last throughout the year, and maintenance log can help you make sure you keep pond water balanced and healthy to stop problems before they even start.

pond boss® offers a wide variety of water treatment options to help you maintain a beautiful pond, but each option is unique in the recommended dosage and reapplication process.  It could be very easy to apply a product once and then go weeks or month before remembering to apply, and that time could make all the difference in visible difference in your pond’s water quality. If you are more of a set it and forget it sort of person, opt for a more advanced filtration system like a Pressurized Pond Filter with UV.  The UV technology with work to break down algae at the microscopic level and the mix of mechanical and biological filtration will allow for less frequent need for water treatment options.  Often times, people with fish in their pond will choose a filtration system like this to reduce their water treatment usage.

If you do need to use water treatments it is important to follow label directions. All pond boss® water treatments will include a section on the label that looks like this:

This example is from the Chlorine Remover.  To determine how much of this product I should use, I will verify my pond size before proceeding. My pond is an oval shape with the longer diameter as 8 ft., the shorter diameter as 5 ft., and with a depth of 2.5 ft., so to determine the number of gallons I should use in my pond I will use this formula:

diameter (ft.) x diameter (ft.) x depth (ft.) x 5.9 = pond volume

(8 ft. x 5 ft. x 2.5 ft) x 5.9 = 590 gallons

For use of the Chlorine Remover, I will want to use 29 ½ capfuls or a bit more that a ½ cup.  Please follow all label directions in this manner.

For your maintenance program, you will also need to know when to provide maintenance to your pond, so here is a quick reference guide:

  • Clean Filter Pad – when you notice a reduction in your water flow
  • Water Testing – once a month in colder months and every other week in warmer months
  • Chlorine Remover or Chlorine Remover plus Conditioner – when any new water is added to your pond (if you have fish, it is best to treat the water separately before applying)
  • Water Clarifier – when you have murky water (works best when used with the Sludge Remover)
  • Natural Barley Pond Clarifier – apply monthly to reduce murky water
  • Pond Cleaner Tablets – apply every other week to reduce murky water
  • Pond Blue – apply as desired for visual effect
  • Algaecide – use weekly or every other week in warmer months to prevent green water
  • Warm Water Bacteria – use in warmer season and when reopening a pond to maintain water balance
  • Cold Water Bacteria – use when shutting down your pond for winter to keep water balanced during colder months

We have also made a downloadable maintenance guide that allows you to fill in the dates that you treat your water, and remind with help remind you if you are seeing gaps of what more you may need to do.

Now that you have all the tools you need, you can kick back, relax, and enjoy your water feature all year long.