Proper Ways to Clean Your Pumps and Filters

Pond season is almost here and it will soon be time to reintroduce your pumps and filters into your water features. Before you jump into the season, though, you need to take time and make sure that all your pond pieces are in clean, great working condition. The pumps and filters are the heart of your pond and you want to make sure that the body of your water garden is ready to move throughout the rest of the season. Cleaning is one of the most vital parts of taking care of your pumps and filters; we want to make sure you know exactly what to do for a smooth pond opening.

Clean Your Pumps and Filters

First and foremost, please make sure that you unplug your power cord when cleaning. On top of the possibility of electrocution, you do not want your pond pumps to run dry and burn out.

Take apart your pump and make sure that all the individual pieces that make up your pump or filter are clean. For a pump, make sure that the impeller and any other elements are free from any debris. For pond filters, make sure all the pads are in great condition and free from any particles (dust, dirt, etc.) that may quickly dirty your pond. Also, check to make sure there is nothing blocking your pond pumps and filters mechanical systems that may hinder their performance.

Make sure that all cables and power cords are not damaged and are in perfect working condition. For a healthy and safe pond, you want to make sure that the cables on your pumps and filters will not be a hazard to you or your pond environment. Take a close look at your pump power cords for tears and replace/repair your pump or filter immediately. You don’t want to run the risk of an electric shock.