February Pond Maintenance Tips and Tricks

As winter is drawing near its close and spring is just in sight, it is time to consider what maintenance steps you should be considering for your pond. Some warmer climates might even be ready to reopen ponds for the warmer seasons.

    1. Check when water freezing temperatures are anticipated to end in your area
      With only a few weeks left in winter, you should be able to anticipate from the weather channel if there are any additional freezes expected in your area. If you have lived in your area for a while, you probably already can tell when winter will be coming to an end.
    2. Inspect stored pump
      Check your pump and any other pond parts you may have stored indoors for winter. You will want to open up the pump to check that all parts look in good working order and that no cracking has occurred. Hopefully your pump was stored in a bucket of water and this won’t be an issue. At this time, you might notice that your pump may have collected debris that may have fallen in your bucket over the season just clean those off and reassemble. We have some helpful videos to help you with this process of taking apart and putting a pump back together. 
    3. Purchase any replacement parts
      Before you restart your pond, this is a good time to change any parts that need annual replacement such as filter pads and UV bulbs. This is the best time to consider this change because then you don’t need to disrupt your pond in season to exchange these parts, and your filtration will be ready to handle the strain of warmer months. Be sure to check your pumps and filters, too. If needed, replace any parts that show wear and tear or damage.
    4. Mark your calendar for a reopen date
      Now that you know when you can reopen your pond, have ensured your pump is working properly, and have your replacement parts, you should set aside some time to get your water feature back up and running.  It is best to pick a morning to work on this so you can monitor your pond throughout the day for any abnormalities, so mark your calendars and get ready to enjoy your water feature again!