When Is It Time for Product Maintenance?

From time to time, your pond pumps, filters, lights, and nozzles will need to be maintained. Just like other products, maintenance ensures the best performance and longest lifespan of your product. When it comes to your pond, if you notice lower performance from a pump or filter for example, it is time to take it out to clean it. Let’s walk through what this looks like and how to be maintain your products.

You will notice lower performance from the waterfall, nozzle, or other water feature connected to your pond. The water flow will start to diminish indicating that there is something in the way of the pump or water feature itself. Unplug the pump from the GFCI outlet and remove from the water. Follow the step-by-step directions in the product manuals or watch a video to determine how to remove a few parts to clean the pump. All you will need is warm water and a soft brush and or cloth. View a maintenance video here. To clean a pond nozzle, spillway or other water feature, you can use the Fountain and Birdbath Cleaner to safely remove limescale from these products. 

Filter maintenance looks a little bit differently than the signs of pump maintenance. For a pond filter, you will notice a need for the filter to be cleaned by noticing water that is less clear or a lower flow of water coming through the outlet of the filter. Let’s talk about maintaining each part of the filter: the filter pads, the bio-media, and UV filtration.

Filter Pads

Filter pads collect coarse and fine debris as the water passes through them. To clean these filters, you will want to pass water over them as you slowly compress the filter pad. This will preserve the amount of time each filter will last. If you notice filter pads deteriorating, you can replace the filter pads. You should be replacing filter pads annually, so if you notice needing to replace them more frequently, try fewer and slower compressions during each cleaning.


Bio-media is very different from a maintenance standpoint. It is intended to collect and colonize beneficial bacteria, so you actually want to leave beneficial bacteria on the bio-media alone even though it may look “dirty”. At least once a year you can clean the bio-media as well. It is recommended to do this at the start up of your pond for the Spring season. It is best to avoid this annual cleaning in the Summer as warm weather can cause beneficial bacteria to take up to 8 weeks to reestablished. 

UV Filtration

UV filtration is also another form of filtration and has its own unique maintenance requirements. The UV bulb that powers the technology sits inside a glass tube. For best filtration, this tube may need to be cleaned from time to time so the water passing by the bulb to be exposed to the bulb’s light. It might also need to be maintained by replacing the UV bulb. The bulb may need to be changed as frequently as every season, and it needs to be changed at least every year. 

For more information on step-by-step filtration maintenance information, see your product’s page to find that information in the instruction manual here. After you complete your product maintenance, return your products to the pond and enjoy your beautiful and well-operating pond.