Go Beyond Simple Maintenance

As a responsible pond owner, you have done your homework. You’ve winterized your backyard – shut down the pond water features, stopped feeding the fish, and invested in a good aerator. You are to be commended; winter pond maintenance can be a difficult job, but it will keep your pond healthy through the coldest months. But don’t forget that the reason you have a backyard pond is to enjoy it! Don’t winterize your pond and forget about it; enjoy it this winter!

Take Advantage of the Long Nights

Most people aren’t fans of how early it gets dark during the winter months. Depending on where in the country you live, it can sometimes seem like the day is over at five o’clock! But with the right backyard pond accessories, you can enjoy those long chilly nights. Illuminate your backyard with lighted landscape decorations from pond boss®. Or, enjoy the beauty and warmth of firelight with floating torches or a fire pit. With illuminated pond accessories, you and your family can cozy up in the backyard and watch the stars, or just sit and talk by the fireside.

Bring the Pond Inside

Maybe you live in a climate where you need to drain and close your pond entirely during the winter. You can still find ways to enjoy the benefits of pond water features, even if it’s too cold outside to run actual water features. container fountain kit can bring the look and sound of running water to any inside space, regardless of the season. This is a great way to enjoy the feel of a backyard pond, indoors.