How to Build a Pond

Now that spring is here, it is time to consider building the pond you have been dreaming about. Adding a pond can can seem like a big project, but with some simple preparation this project can be completed with as much ease as possible. Here are a few things to consider as you build your pond: location, size, and features. 


Certainly as you have been thinking about a new water feature you have considered the placement you would like. Most people want a location that is visible from indoors, a deck, or patio. It is ideal to pick a location that will not be in constant direct sunlight; however, a pond directly under a tree can cause a lot of maintenance requirements fallen leaves. Consider a spot that can take advantage of shadows cast by your home or surrounding landscaping.  Another thing to consider in landscaping is a grounded electrical source. It is best to choose a location near an existing electrical source; however, you can always contact a certified electrician in install an additional grounded outlet at your desired location if needed. 


After you have selected your location, you will need to determine the size of pond. We suggest laying down a piece of rope or other marker to determine the size and shape of your pond. Once ponds are dug and lined with rocks they often appear smaller than you might have imagined.  It is best to go larger if in doubt. When determining your pond size, you will also need to determine the pond depth.  Koi and other fish will do best in ponds at least 1.5 ft. deep, but in colder climates that experience freezing temperatures pond should be a minimum of 2-2.5 ft. Fish will also need plenty of room to move around for an ideal home. We recommend 10 gallons of water per every inch in length of your fish. Pond plants might need a ledge to sit on for ideal height, so consider that when digging your pond. After you determine the size of your pond, you will be able to choose your liner, pump, and filter that will be needed for your pond.


Now that you have determined your location and size of your pond, you can determine any water features to make your pond stand apart. Maybe you would like a waterfall, fountain nozzle in the pond, pond spitter, or lighting features. Waterfalls can be added to a pond simply with the use of a waterfall spillway and the concealment of rocks. For a waterfall you can often power both a waterfall and pond with a waterfall pond. A fountain nozzle or pond spitter can be added to a pond pump to create a simple, yet beautiful, water display. Lighting is a great, simple way to enjoy a pond at night and to highlight any water features. Lighting can always be added after you you build your pond or adjusted as you see fit. 

We have a simple step-by-step video here for creating a small pond. You're in charge, pond boss makes it simple!