The 411 on UV Technology for Ponds

UV Technology can sound like a pretty intimidating filtration option for you pond, but pond boss makes it simple. We will break down why this might be a great filtration solution for your pond. UV technology is compact solution that is proactive with simple maintenance. This really could be the simplest filtration system that you have been looking for.


The pond boss UV Pond Clarifier comes in a compact size that can easily be disguised in or out of the water. Since UV technology has the capability of being so compact, we have combined this filtration solution into some of our filters that include mechanical and biological filtration to combine this powerful filtration option with more traditional filtration methods. 

Proactive Solution

UV Technology is actually a proactive filtration solution for clear and balanced water quality. The number one water quality concern is green water or algae. UV technology takes care of algae and that horrible green water before you even see it. The UV Pond Clarifier includes a UV Bulb surrounded by a glass tube. As water passes along the outside of the glass tube, it is exposed to the light from the UV bulb which breaks down the outer wall of harmful bacteria cells. This rids the algae and other harmful bacteria from your pond water maintaining the proper water balance for your pond without the use of any water treatments. 

Simple Maintenance

Speaking of no water treatments, how is that for cutting down your pond maintenance routine. While you still will want to use water treatments like a Chlorine Remover at times of water changes, your other maintenance water treatments can be reduced or eliminated entirely. Plus, filter pads need to be routinely cleaned and replaced. The UV bulb just needs to be changed annually and while you are changing the bulb just wipe off the outside of the glass tube to increase exposure. It is that simple.

Fish & Turtle Safe

Many ponds have fish and turtles. UV Technology is not only safe for plants and animals, but encouraged for ponds with fish and other pond life. Fish and turtles produce waste, which over time can overload pond water. The UV Clarifier neutralizes the bad bacteria that feed off of waste and debris, preventing common issues from starting, like foul odors and murky water.  

UV technology is the proactive filtration solution that so many pond owners have been looking for, but may not have know that it has existed, or maybe it has just sounded more intimidating than what it will actually be in practice. Browse our selection of filtration options to see if there is one with UV technology to fit your pond needs. Take charge with pond boss!