Bring Balance to Your Pond with Beneficial Bacteria

Ponds are a thriving ecosystem that bring beauty and life to an outdoor space.  Most backyard ponds can easily become out of balance in various seasons or weather conditions causing a disruption in the ecosystem’s balance.  Most imbalances are caused by poor water quality and can be vastly improved by beneficial bacteria.

Nitrogen Cycle

The nitrogen cycle is the cycle that continuously happens in your pond where fish waste and plant decay turns into ammonia then into nitrites and then into nitrates which can be consumed by plants which starts the cycle all over again.  If ammonia, nitrites, or nitrates become too high, the balance of the pond is thrown off. Beneficial Bacteria are strains of bacteria that help continue the nitrogen cycle without adding negative elements into the pond water. But why does beneficial bacteria help restore this balance? 

What Is Beneficial Bacteria?

Beneficial bacteria move the nitrogen cycle along more quickly as they break down decaying organic compounds in the water.  Aerobic bacteria needs dissolved oxygen in the water to survive as it works quickly to break down organic materials. Anaerobic bacteria does not need dissolved oxygen to survive, but works slowly and may not be able to keep up with pond’s organic load.  It is best to make sure your pond is well circulated and aerated to promote beneficial bacteria’s ability to work quickly and effectively. 

What to Look for

If you notice that your pond has a layer of sludge, an odd smell, or murky color, you would benefit from the use of beneficial bacteria.  You can also perform a water test to determine if any aspects of your water is out of balance. 

Application of Beneficial Bacteria

When adding beneficial bacteria to a pond, it is important to turn any UV clarifiers off for a few days to allow beneficial bacteria to settle into filters, on liner, rocks, etc. to insure they are able to colonize and continue to jump start the nitrogen cycle.  It is important to follow label directions for reapplication and dosing to make sure you are using beneficial bacteria as frequently and in healthy levels for your water feature. 

Now that you know why beneficial bacteria is so important to maintaining a balanced ecosystem, what are you waiting for?  Beneficial is a simple addition to your pond to reduce organic build-up, sludge, and odor. Make sure to use beneficial bacteria as a part of your regular maintenance routine to keep your water feature at its best.