Keep Pond Water Clear Before Green Water Strikes

Green water can be a nightmare of a problem for pond owners. Once pond water gets out of hand, it can be a slow and steady process to regain clear water. The key to maintaining clear water is actually green water prevention. Here are some helpful tips to maintain healthy and beautiful water.


Providing shade to your pond is one simple way to prevent green water. Green water is created by algae, which is a single celled plant in the water. As a plant, algae needs sunlight to grow to the point where it is large enough for people to see. Providing some shade can stunt growth, keeping it at a microscopic level. Based on the location of your pond, you may have some shade provided by plants or even your house. As the sun rotates throughout the day. Notice if there is a particularly long period of time where your pond is in direct sunlight. Ask yourself if the placement of another plant will look natural and help. If you are not able to or would not like the appearance of these types of shade providers, consider other shade options such as adding floating or emergent plants or a pond tint. Plants can provide shade right on the surface of the water and add lots of beauty and character to a pond. Pond tint can darken the shade of the pond to a deeper blue to prevent some sunlight from entering the water, while enhancing the appearance. Remember with pond tint that a little bit goes a long way, so start off with a small amount and add until you have a shade you like. 

Reduced Nutrients

Algae needs nutrients just like any other plant. Consider ways to limit the amount of nutrients it receives to reduce growth and the formation of green water. The first thing to check is that there aren’t decaying leaves in your pond. If there is a tree directly over your pond, from time to time you will likely have a few leaves fall in. Make sure you scoop those out with fish net to avoid decay in the water. Algae can use this decay as a nutrient source. Rainwater can also add nutrients to a pond if it runs across your lawn and into your pond. During your next big rain storm, take a look out the window at your pond. Check if you see water flowing into your pond from the surrounding areas. If so, it is best to create a higher barrier around your pond or create channels around your pond for the water to follow and be redirected to a better spot in the lawn. One last thing to try to reducing nutrients in your pond is adding beneficial bacteria as a part of your regular maintenance schedule. Beneficial bacteria competes for the same nutrients algae needs to grow, so it will consume that nutrients and stunt algae growth. pond boss carries a variety of water treatments that include beneficial bacteria such as The BlockSludge RemoverPond and Fountain Cleaner Tablets. Choose the option that best suits your needs.

UV Technology

The use of UV Technology is an excellent way to reduce green water in a pond before it even starts. The exposure of algae to a UV bulb actually eliminates algae at a microscopic level. UV Pond Clarifiers can be connected to a pond pump or found in several filter types. UV technology is also an excellent option for when green water is visible to stop algae at the source. UV bulbs work optimally for 1 year, and then it is best to replace the bulbNOTE: the use of UV technology with beneficial bacteria can be counterproductive as beneficial bacteria exposed to a UV bulb can also be eliminated. If you would like to use both beneficial bacteria and UV technology, we suggest turning off your UV clarifier for a few days after adding beneficial bacteria. This will allow beneficial bacteria the time to settle in filter pads or other location in the pond to work effectively before turning the UV clarifier on again.

Enjoy a pond that has clear and beautiful water by taking a few steps to prevent green water. Provide shade to your pond water to stunt algae growth. Use different methods such as beneficial bacteria to reduce nutrients in your pond algae needs to grow. Utilize UV technology to eliminate green water at the source. You will be happy you to the time on these preventative measures when you hear other pond owners recounting their green pond nightmares.