Murky Pond Water? Clear It Up!

Murky water can be a common problem for many pond owners. Floating particles can limit the visibility and beauty of your water feature. Not to worry, murky water can be cleared, so you can get back to enjoying your water features.

Clearing Murky Water

Floating particles are a frustrating weight and size that makes them suspend in water making, them hard to clear. One quick solution is to utilize a combination of Water Clarifier with Sludge Remover. Water Clarifier binds floating particles together to give them enough weight and size to pull them from suspending in water to sinking to the base of the pond. Following the treatment of a Water Clarifier with a Sludge Remover will eliminate the build up at the bottom of the pond so it is not stirred up again. Another clearing method to consider is how much of a filtration system do you have.

Causes & Prevention for Murky Water

There can be several different causes of murky water. Find your source or sources can be helpful for treating murky water more effectively. Common problems with murky water are overfeeding fish, undersized filtration, filters that need to be maintained, rainwater, burrowing animals, and pond additions. When you notice murky water, think about any changes that have happened recently that would impact your water and you will more readily be able to identify the source.

  • Pond Additions – make sure that the features you are adding are well rinsed so water does not become clouded from your new installation.
  • Fish & Animals –  Don’t feed them more than what they can eat in a few minutes as food that is not eaten can easily cloud water. Some fish and other critters like to dig under rocks and around plants in a pond because of this it is helpful to make sure your plants are in aquatic soil and covered by a generous level of gravel and beneficial bacteria is a regular part of your maintenance routine to clean the rocks and gravel in your pond that will be getting moved around.
  • Filters – Checking to make sure that your filter is properly rated for your pond with the number of inhabitants is important to make sure your system is catching as much as possible that could cloud your water, and when it does, complete a regular rinse of your filter pads.
  • Rainwater – Rain runs across the lawn and catching dirt and other items as it runoff goes into your pond. Simply create some barriers to redirect rainwater away from your pond. 

After you have cleared your pond and taken a few preventative steps, you will notice clearer water. We hope you will enjoy what seems like a completely new pond as you will literally see you pond in a whole new way.