Keep Water Moving with this Simple Pond Accessory

Having a water feature at your home is a beautiful addition, but the sound of moving water is what takes it to the next level. The sound of moving water has been known as one of the most commonly thought of forms of white noise, which helps people feel more relaxed and damps distracting noises. Moving water in a water feature also has outstanding benefits in maintaining a water feature. Moving water helps introduce dissolved oxygen into the water. This creates healthy water for fish and plants.

Adding the simple accessory of a nozzle kit to an existing pond makes the movement of water much simpler. pond boss offers a variety of nozzle kits that can attach directly to most pumps. This addition of a nozzle kit creates a fountain spray with different spray options based on the nozzle topper you choose within the kit. The Small Fountain Nozzle Kit works with most fountain pump, the Large Fountain Nozzle Kit with pond pumps, and the Extra Large Nozzle Kit with most waterfall pumps. For pond and waterfall pumps the coordinating nozzle kit can also power a second water feature, such as a spitter, by using the diverter valve.

Now that you see how simple the addition of a nozzle kit can be to your existing water feature, you can make that upgrade in nearly no time at all! You will be able to start enjoying both the visual and audible beauty of your water feature.