How to Safely Use Water Treatments in a Fish Pond

Your fish pond is the focal point and life force of your yard. Summertime can bring worries to a pond owner of how to keep water clear and balanced as green water tries to take over the home of your fish. Water treatments are often suggested to restore the balance, but is this really safe if you have fish or turtles in your pond?

The the honest answer is that every pond boss® water treatment is safe to be used in a fish pond, but only under specific conditions. Follow this guide to ensure the introduction of water treatments into your pond is a safe and effective.

Start by locating the dosage guide on the label of the water treatment bottle and follow the dosage instructions carefully. 

You will need to know how many gallons of water are in your pond and the corresponding maximum effective treatment. Never "guesstimate" or use more than the recommended dosage. 

Why not use more if you are already noticing green or murky water? There are several reasons not to, but the most important reason is your aquatic life. The recommended dosage is what can be diluted in your water to keep levels safe for fish. Using more than the recommend amount will not treat the water faster. Also, using more than the recommended amount limits how long one bottle can last for your treatment needs.

It is important that you follow all label instructions. For example, some water treatments require robust oxygen levels before and during implementation, so introduce an aerating water feature (like a nozzle, spitter, waterfall, or combination) into your pond if you do not already have one running. In other cases, ensure your UV Clarifier is turned off during application plus five days after dosing. The ultraviolet light can harm the effectiveness of beneficial bacteria in the treatment. If you're unsure of anything written on the label, please contact us before proceeding.

Some additional tips for water balance in fish ponds:

  • You can use a pond tint to color the water a beautiful blue hue while you are waiting for your water to become clear again. Pond tint helps to block UV rays from entering the pond.
  • String algae can not be treated with our algaecide. It is best removed from the water manually — try a pond vacuum or a fish net.
  • Partial water changes throughout the year can help slowly treat water in a way that will not disrupt your fish’s routine. Make sure to use a Chlorine Remover to treat new water before adding it into your pond.

ALWAYS read all instructions before dosing. Ensure your pond has plenty of aeration.