Illuminate Your Water Feature in the Evening

Your water feature is sure to take center stage when illuminated in the evening. Your water feature during daylight draws in attention and wonder, but in the evening it can transform into what seems like a completely different feature. Lighting is a simple addition to a water feature that can be incorporated, whether you are building a new feature or adding to an existing one.

pond boss has a wide variety of lighting to enhance your water feature. For a pond or waterfall, consider using a light set to highlight several angles and areas using one power cord with multi-colored light sets and mini white light sets. Each light comes on a pivoting base, so you can secure the base in between rocks and then turn the light in the direction you like. For stunning effect try to point the light to where there is water movement, like where the water cascades on a waterfall or from a fountain nozzle or spitter. Take a picture of your feature at night see if there are any dark spots, and the next day try pivoting the lights until you get a setup that you are really happy with. Another great lighting option is the light ring. These lights are great for attaching to a nozzle kit to illuminate the fountain spray.

For more unique illumination displays, we also offer the Floating Fountains and a Lit Spillway. Floating fountains created a spectacular display of water spray and lights in your pond. The lit spillway adds a level of brilliance to a waterfall.

Now that you have a few different illumination options, you just need to choose what lighting option will be best for you, and put it in place. Consider moving indoor seating options close to a window you can view your water feature from indoors during the evening. Also consider creating spaces outdoors to enjoy space around your water feature at night. Your water feature can easily be transformed into something you can enjoy both day and night with lighting.