How to Protect Your Pond Pump

Your pond pump needs to remain unclogged with leaves and other debris that obstruct water flow. pond boss has a few solutions to help protect your pump all season long: pre-filter, pumpshield® and Universal Pump Filter Box. 

Pond Pump Pre-filter

The Pond Pump Pre-filter (Item # 52359) easily attaches to the inlet of pond boss Pond Pumps to protect it from debris. If the pre-filter becomes clogged with dirt or debris, simply rinse it in fresh water or replace the filter pads.


The pumpshield® (Item # 52552) is a simple solution for pump pre-filtration.  This mesh bag can easily be added around any pump and tightened with a drawstring.  If too many leaves are pulled to the outside of the pumpshield®, the waterflow will be obstructed.  Periodically, unplug the pump from the electrical source and remove the pumpshield® and pump from the pond to simply rinse off the exterior of the pumpshield® with warm water to clean. 

Universal Pump Filter Box

The Universal Pump Filter Box (Item # 52720) is a helpful pre-filtration tool that houses most pond pumps to protect the pump from dirt and debris.  The cover of the filter box is full of holes to allow water to pass through to be filtered before reaching the pump inside.  Leaves could collect on the cover of the pump filter box, so it is important to remove leaves from your pond as they begin to collection the the top of the box, but it is also easy to remove the leaves from the lid if you miss a few.   

Now that the heart of your pond, the pump, is protected from fallen leaves, your maintenance routine is simple and you can get back to relaxing and enjoying this season.  For simple removal for leaves that have sunken to the bottom of your pond or those blocked by your pre-filter, pumpshield® or pump filter box, utilize a Fish Net (Item # 52721).