Dual Purpose Pond Products

Maintaining a pond can be a challenge as is knowing what products to use, particularly if you have a smaller water feature. A pond needs circulation, filtration, aeration, and then of course you want a beautiful feature. The best way to make sure your feature is well maintained with the least amount of the equipment as possible is to use pond products that serve multiple purposes.


The pump is the center of your pond moving water to all other parts and maintaining proper circulation. pond boss has fountain pumps with a waterproof light, so you can illuminate your fountain while you are powering the water flow all on one power cord.


Pond filtration does a lot of work, so you don’t have to. It would be great to have a filtration system that still does the work, but also does extra to make sure your pond has beautiful decor elements.


Having dissolved oxygen in your pond promotes pond health which is crucial for water quality and fish and plant health. Some products that promote aeration and have lights are the waterfall spillways and floating fountains. Create a beautiful water display that is also creates a healthy ecosystem.

Circulation, Filtration, & Aeration

For the ultimate multipurpose products, you are looking for the Complete Filter Kit with Pump and the Floating Fountain with White LED Lights. The Complete Filter Kit with Pump includes in a discrete housing a pump for circulation, filtration, and nozzle options for a fountain for added aeration. If you're looking for an even more decorative option, the Floating Fountain with White LED Lights circulates, aerates, filters, AND illuminates. The LED light ring illuminates the fountain spray, creating a beautiful nighttime displate. Not only will a complete pond option support your water features needs but also add a beautiful decor element.

You can have the water feature that you have always wanted… not cluttered with equipment. Water features do not need to be obstructed. Enjoy the beautiful view of your pond still knowing that all its needs are being cared for.