How to Prevent Green Water in Your Lake

As summer months are warming up, it is the time to enjoy the outdoors. Wake up early for a calm morning by the dock, enjoy a round of golf with friends, or gather around the lake for an evening with family. A lake brings beauty to so many summer activities, so we want to help you maintain your lake by preventing algae growth and avoiding unsightly green water.

Maintaining algae in lake is all about balance. Algae is a microscopic plant that can grow to be visible in the water, and while you can never truly eliminate algae, you can maintain algae at a level that is never visible to the eye. The key components to algae control are shade, circulation, and treatment.


The reason this is so important to algae prevention is because algae is a plant that needs the sunlight to photosynthesize and grow. You can achieve partial lake shading with marginals and other aquatic plants, but for full lake protection use Aquatic Blue to block UV rays and tint the water a deep blue. This will help block sunlight and stunt algae growth. 


Water movement is so important during all times and seasons. With the use of sub surface aeration, lake water is able to be moved from the base of the pond to the surface. This process de-stratifies the lake making all water throughout the lake an equal temperature. This is important particularly in warmer months as algae would normally grow rapidly along the surface of the water which would be the warmest with the most sunlight. In addition, the circulation of sub surface aeration distributes dissolved oxygen into the water which promotes water quality, fish and plant health, and helps to distribute water treatments evenly throughout the lake.


Since algae is a plant variation, adding a beneficial bacteria will compete for algae’s nutrient source treating green water before it even starts. The Block™ can be used as a part of a maintenance program that slowly releases beneficial bacteria that compete with the algae for the same food source over a 60 day period before needing a new block. You can enhance your results of the use of The Block™ with the use of Liquid Bacteria Bio-Maintenance. When facing the threat of algae, you may decide you want to treat it directly with the use of and Algaecide/BacteriacideThis special formula is designed to disperse and suspend in the water which means you can pour it in around the perimeter of your lake without out the need of expensive dispersing equipment. It is important to note that the Algaecide is not designed for use while The Block™ is in use, but The Block™ works effectively as a follow up treatment to the Algaecide. It is always important to follow label directions when applying any water treatment.

Now that you know how to properly shade, circulate, and treat your water to prevent algae. You can get back to all the wonderful activities you have planned this season.