Made Easy with The Block™

Lake Management can be a time consuming and constantly monitored project, but it does not have to be. Whether you have one lake or management a business to help others with their property’s lakes, pond boss PRO is here to help you. The best lake maintenance requires a combination of key components to keep a healthy and balanced ecosystem. The two main factors are aeration and water treatments. Water treatments range from a wide variety of options each designed to target and treat potential or present problems in a lake’s water quality, clarity, and balance.

Of all water treatment options, bio-maintenance is the foundation of your water treatment program. This bio-maintenance can be simple and non-time consuming way to ensure a healthy baseline for your lake. This will help to ensure that plants and other decaying matter that can turn into a thick sludge layer at the bottom of your lake. This sludge layer is a common culprit for foul odors and low oxygen levels in the water which can be bad for fish and plant health. It also causes an unsightly appearance which takes away from the natural allure of a lake.

The Block™ is a pond boss PRO product that uses a blend of live beneficial bacteria and enzymes to break down the sludge layer and to compete for the food source of unwanted bacteria in the water stopping problems before they start. Lakes with this type of organic build up have seen dramatic results with the use of The Block™.

The Block™ comes in a variety of sizes for applications in water ranging for small and narrow channels and troughs to large expansive lakes. For best results, combine The Block™ with sub surface aeration to make sure the bio-maintenance is being well mixed throughout the water.