The 411 on Beneficial Bacteria

The use of beneficial bacteria is a safe natural way to help reduce harmful bacteria and improve oxygen levels in your lake.  Since bacteria compete for the same food source, using a concentrate of beneficial bacteria will help in reducing unwanted bacteria levels.  In addition, all lakes have a continuous nutrient load from fish, decaying plant matter, and/or rainwater runoff.  It is difficult at times for all this matter to be decomposed in a lake quickly enough to avoid murky water, foul smells, and algae blooms.  The beneficial bacteria helps to digest all of the added nutrients, leaving you with nothing but fresh smelling, clean, and clear water.  pond boss PRO has a beneficial bacteria maintenance program that is simple and effective called The Block™.

The Block™

The Block™ is a part of our water quality maintenance program that reduces unwanted nutrients through a blend of live beneficial bacteria and enzymes.  It reduces sludge, odors, ammonia, nitrogen levels, and increases dissolved oxygen.  

Use once every 60 days for best results:

Why is The Block™ so Effective Against Harmful Bacteria?

The Block™ contains enzymes to increase the productivity of the beneficial bacteria.  Beneficial bacteria naturally produces enzymes to breakdown organic waste, but by adding enzymes with The Block™, the process is sped up.  Many treatments contain only beneficial bacteria or only enzymes, but by combining them, The Block™ maximizes efficiency.  In addition, The Block™ is designed to sink in muck to dissolve organic material at the source or it can be attached to a float if desired.

Tip! If used along with the Quick Release Water Soluble Bags as part of a maintenance program, your overall yearly water treatment costs can decrease 20%! 

The Block™ is designed to be a part of a well-balanced lake management plan.  This includes proper aeration and water treatments.  The use of this maintenance system alongside proper aeration will leave your lake water clean, clear, and balanced.