What Do You Do When The Weather Warms Up?

While getting your pond ready for the winter was essential, it is just as important to give your pond the proper attention when the weather starts to warm up. Properly opening your pond during the spring is just as vital to making sure your pond is healthy for the rest of the year. Here are a couple of things to look for as the temperatures start to get higher and your pond becomes more active.

Clean Your Pond

It is important to make sure your pond is as clean as possible before making it active again. When surrounding ice begins to melt, your fish become more active and you may soon use your products. It is crucial to make sure everything is ready to operate because it is likely that winter affected your pond’s condition.

Some cleaning ideas are:

  • Using a fish net to scoop out any debris
  • Use a pond vacuum to clean the hard to reach places
  • Using a beneficial bacteria to start-up the beneficial nutrients
  • Clean any tubing or accessories (if possible) that were in your pond during the winter

Start Your Pump and Filters

After you finish cleaning your pond, you want to make sure the items you install back in your pond won’t bring back any unwanted debris. This is why it is important to clean your pond pump and filters before introducing them to your pond again. The ideal time to start your pump and filters is when the water temperatures are back to 50 degrees (F). After re-installing your pond products, don’t just walk away and assume your pond is in perfect condition. Keep a close eye on it and make sure that it is working properly to avoid any future hazards and/or problems.

Test Your Water

Your water just went through a lot in the winter season and now that it’s warming up again, it may see old enemies like algae, ammonia, and high nitrite levels. As your pond starts to get back to working condition, make sure that it still able to handle all of those elements. You don’t want your pond environment to live in water that is unstable and unhealthy. See what types of water treatments could help your pond before bringing in livestock back into your water. This will help you avoid a tough pond season in the future.

It is essential to Getting your pond ready for the upcoming season as much as possible and we know that the above tips can definitely help you out. Preparing for the upcoming Pond Life will be essential to ensuring you have a great season this year!