Pond Filters and Filter Kits

Summertime is coming and with it comes the time when you get to enjoy your pond. Relax in the evening light and watch the fish as they swim merrily in your pond or observe the insects that flit to and fro, attracted to the plant life that exists within and around your pond. Life always attracts life, and with spring well underway, now is the time to get all the cleanup work done. One thing that is completely necessary for your pond is the pressurized pond filter.

Why do I need pressurized pond filters?

Pond filters come in many sizes, and some have UV clarifiers. What these items do is, well, filter the water. They continuously circulate the pond water through, removing debris and promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria. This results in a clean pond that has improved water quality ideal for thriving fish and plants.

Over time, debris and other factors can contribute to the water becoming murky. This could be due to food particles or other organic matter that decay in the water. If left untreated, this could prove harmful to your plant and aquatic life.

Add a filter kit with water feature

You can also add a filter kit with a pump to help maintain water clarity. Some even come with water features that add visual interest, create the soothing sound of falling water, and aerate the pond in one fell swoop. One that we offer is fully customizable, meaning you can create your own unique water display. It also comes with a complete bio-mechanical filtering system.