Making a Splash this Summer

This is a season to be outdoors and really enjoy your outdoor space. Do you have an upcoming event to host? Have you been thinking about an enhancement for a little while? Consider the big impact even a small addition could make to your pond.

Make a Splash

Add something to your pond to give the extra movement of water. Three great ways to get an extra splash this summer are waterfalls, fountain nozzles, and spitters. Adding a waterfall can be a simple addition to an existing pond when using a spillway. Simply connect the spillway to your pump with tubing and conceal with stone or plants as desired. Your cascading waterfall will be ready in no time! You can also create a beautiful fountain spray from your existing pond pump by adding a nozzle attachment. We have a fountain nozzle kit for every pump, so find your nozzle and change up your water spray display as often as you like because each kit comes with a variety of options. A great way to add more splash to your pond is to show more of your personal style with a pond spitter. We have a large variety of pond spitters for classic, rustic, whimsical, and even any option with a flame torch! Not only will the new display be beautiful, but the sound of the water can be so calming.

Consider Adding some Plants

Aquatic plants are great for bringing water balance to your pond as well as enhancing beauty. There are a lot more aquatic plants for you to choose from than you may think. Follow our guide to aquatic plants, to choose the best plants for you based on the space you have, where you would like plants in your pond, beautiful blooms, and additional benefits.

Would You Like to Add some Fish?

Fish are an exciting addition to a pond. They bring a lot of beauty and life to your water oasis. Like any pet there are a few import things to consider before adding fish to your pond. Make sure you have enough space, aeration, and water depth for your anticipated weather to protect fish before introducing them to your pond, and always make sure your water is safe by adding a Chlorine Remover plus Conditioner to remove the chlorine from the water and boost the water for the fish’s’ slime coat protection.

Your pond is evolving with you as you make changes each year or season, it is turning in the the beautiful place to spend plenty of time around. Make sure to carve out time with family and friends to enjoy both time together and around you transformed pond.