Lighting: The Simple & Stunning Addition to Your Pond

If you are a person always on the go, you might find that you don’t have the time to be at home as often as you would like. You might even find that you are missing out on enjoying your beautiful waterfall feature. Unfortunately we can’t give you the day off of work to go home to relax near the pond, but we can provide you will a simple pond solution that will allow you to enjoy it when you are home in the evenings. 

Variety of Styles

pond boss has three primary varieties of light sets: color changing lens lights, mini lights, and light rings. Pond and Landscape Lights come in a set of three or as a single light, and is great for adding a pop of color to your pond or landscape and lenses can be changed depending on mode, season, or events. Mini Pond and Landscape Lights come in a set of six and come in a white color and each base is pivotable. Light ring come in a set of three or as a single ring, and can be attached to the Large or Extra Large Fountain Nozzle Kit to illuminate a water feature or can be used free standing. All pond boss LED light options are water safe and can be used in or out of the pond.

Energy Efficient

All pond boss lights come with LED bulbs, so you can be assured that your energy bill will remain nice and low. Plus, your lights will automatically turn off in daylight with our automatic dusk to dawn sensor. This will save you even more on your energy bill and take out one more task from your day of needed to turn on and off your lights daily.

More Options

You will be surprised to find how many other pond boss products also have lighting incorporated, so you are able to enjoy a water feature and lighting all in one. Examples of products with lighting are our Pond Aerator with LED LightsLit Container Fountain KitFloating UV Filter, and 12 in. Blue Lighted Waterfall.

Browse our website today to find the best way to illuminate your water feature and enjoy it at night and all year long.