Creating a Pond Building Plan

Starting the process of planning to install a pond can seem overwhelming, but with some simple planning this will be a much easier project to take on. We will talk you through electrical needs, digging, necessary equipment, and when to ask for help. 


When planning a pond build, people typically have an ideal location in mind. Often this is not the most convenient location in terms of access to electricity. That prominent spot centrally located in your yard may be several feet away from your pond. It is best to contact a local electrician to come out to install a grounded electrical source closer to your desired location. It will have to let them know what are you will be digging out for your pond, so they do not lay any electrical down where you will digging out. Using a rope as an outline or spray painting the outline of where the pond will be will help them to work around this area. 


It is rare to find someone excited for the opportunity to dig a hole in their yard, so for most people the digging could be the largest hurdle in making their ideal pond a reality. For this step of the process, it is best to pick out a day or two that you plan to complete this step. Tell someone what your plans are for digging your pond. Whether or not they will hold you accountable saying your plans out loud can help hold yourself accountable. Plan to reward yourself. Get your favorite snack to treat yourself to mid-way through the project, or plan to go to the movies that evening to relax in the cool theatre and see something you have been meaning to see. Little rewards will help the project not seem so arduous.   


Selecting your pond equipment will depend on a couple of things. Ask yourself before you begin your search if you will have a waterfall and/or fish. If you will or will not, that will help determine your selection. If you will have a waterfall, you will need a waterfall pump rated for the height of your waterfall. If not, you will need a pond pump rated for the gallons of water in your pond. If you will have fish, you will need additional filtration and aeration. If not, you will filtration but size to match your pond size. If you aren’t sure of your pond size, fill out the blanks in this pond calculator worksheet to find out.

Asking for Help

Since a pond can be such a big project, it makes sense to ask for help. If you have a family member, friend, or neighbor you can ask for help, it will be worth it. Help can also be an investment in a tool or in equipment rental that makes this project simple. If you don’t have an eye for design, maybe ask someone you trust to help you pick a place for your pond or go shopping with you for pond accessories.

Having a pond add so much life to an outdoor space, but can take a good deal of planning. Hopefully these steps make the process simpler and more enjoyable for you. For more information about building a pond, visiting our blog.