Guide to Planning Your Dream Pond

  1. It all boils down to locationlocation, location. Choose where you want your pond to be located on your property.
  2. Choose the design. Will it be oval shaped? Will it be kidney shaped?  Will it have even sides? 
  3. Think rocks and decorative items. What elements will you add to your pond? 
  4. How much time are you willing to invest in maintaining your pond?  
  5. Think fish. Do you want aquatic life? Would you like fish in your pondCertain fish and even some plants will help control mosquitoes, algae growth and help in fertilizing.
  6. Think plants. What type of plants would you prefer? Again, think of plants that would not only look good but will require low maintenance and will help your pond stay healthy.
  7. Do you want additional features like a small stream or a waterfall?  
  8. After the first round of decision-making, choose the depth of the pond to accommodate the fish.  Too shallow could kill your fish, so do your research first. 
  9. What plants will you use: submerged, marginal, or deep water? Or a combination?
  10. Consider pond accessibility.  Will you need a dock for feeding the fish or, if it’s large enough, will you have a sloped side to accommodate a paddleboat in your pond?
  11. Voila! You’re done with the decisionmaking; nowyou have to get to work and start building your dream pond!