How Water Features Can Be Great Indoor and Patio Décor

A patio pond is a small container which can be filled with water and plants to act as a backyard pond in a very small space. It is a great way to spruce up a small deck or patio because it allows you to bring nature a little closer to home, even if you don’t have much of a yard. But, you can take things even one step further by adding a water feature, either to your patio pond or as part of your interior décor.

Patio Pond Water Features

Fountains and waterfalls are very common in patio ponds because they can be adjusted to a wide variety of sizes. For fountains, the height of a fountain will depend on upon the strength of the fountain pump you select. Waterfalls will be based on both the waterfall pump and the spillway size you choose. You can either buy kits or go the DIY route by making your own patio pond décor. For some products we offer the DIYer, go to this page.

Indoor Pond Décor

Pond decorations are not limited to the outdoors. If you want to enjoy soothing, trickling waterfalls or fountains inside your home, you can. A wall fountain, like the one pond boss® makes, is extremely simple to set up and can be placed indoors or out. It works well hanging on an interior wall or sitting on an end table.

You should also feel free to create a “patio pond” indoors. Despite its name, patio ponds are ideal for any small space, not just an outdoor patio or deck.

Let Your Imagination Run Wild

How many ways can you use waterfall spillways, fountain pumps, and LED lighting? Really, the only limit is your imagination. Although there are ready-made kits for relatively easy installation, you can create a patio pond, with water features, out of just about anything. All you need for a basic patio pond is a water-tight container, a submersible water pump and filter, and any pond decorations you want to add. What kind of pond décor can you dream up?