How to Add a Waterfall to Your Pond

Having a pond is a wonderful addition to any outdoor space. One key feature of many ponds is often a waterfall as they add the relaxing sounds of moving water in addition to their dynamic visual appeal. Here are a few things to consider to make the addition of a waterfall to an existing pond or new pond to simplify the process. 


First, consider the location of your waterfall. Most people want to be able able to see their waterfall as the primary eye catcher of their pond. If this is the case for you, choose a spot across the pond from where you anticipate sitting or where you can see through a window. Sometime this location will lead to the waterfall being close to your home consider if the sound of the waterfall would be too distracting if it could be heard inside your home. Some people prefer the sound indoors while others do not.

Another thing to consider is your power source. If you have already constructed a pond your available electrical source may be far away from the location you have chosen. Often the pump is located inside the pond and tubing can be used to push water to the top of the waterfall not impacting the electrical source; however, others like to add filtration between the pump and waterfall and some filter options will require a power source. Many people like to add lighting on their waterfall, so make sure you will be able to make that addition if you think that is something you would enjoy.

Lastly for choosing a location, think about if the back side of your waterfall will be visible to people. Some people like this area of the waterfall backed up to a fence, landscaping, or building, so they can leave the back open for maintenance and care, but if you would like to keep this accessible for people to walk around, consider how landscaping rocks and other design elements can be used to finish the appearance of the waterfall. 


Next, you should consider the dimensions of the waterfall you are envisioning. Pick the height you would like to build your waterfall. You also need to pick the width of the opening of your waterfall to simplify building the waterfall opening you can choose from a variety of waterfall spillways that can be easily disguised with rocks and other landscaping for a more natural look.

You can also choose to create your own waterfall opening. You just need to make sure you will have all areas sealed well so the water returns into the pond. The last thing to consider in your waterfall dimensions is how far the waterfall will sit away from the pond. Some people prefer the water to fall directly into the pond, others like a multiple tiers for the water to fall into before returning to the pond, and others still want the waterfall to cascade into a stream before returning to the pond. Whatever design you choose will determine if any extra liner is need to support the water returning to the pond.


Now that you have your ideas in mind, you can gather supplies and begin building your pond. Use your dimensions to determine the pump you will need to power your waterfall. Make sure that as you begin building the height of your waterfall you keep the spillway level for an even water flow. If your waterfall will be set away from the pond, lay down your liner to ensure the return of water to the pond. Once the spillway and liner are in place, you connect the spillway and see if you like the water flow direction and make any structural changes if needed. Put on the finishing touches by disguising your spillway with rocks for a more natural look. Add pebbles around any space above ground where you can see the liner. If you need to hold anything in place or seal any opening, use the Pond and Stone Sealant.

Finally, you are able to enjoy the sounds of moving water and enjoy this new beautiful feature to your pond. If you plan to spend a significant amount of time around your pond in the evening, consider adding lighting. Using a light set, you can pivot the lights to catch the moving water for a mesmerizing effect. If you have been thinking that you would like a waterfall, you will be really happy with this addition.