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Take charge of your water features.

We've created bundles of the best products for your water features. Take the guesswork out of choosing what you need to build your pond or waterfall, outfit your fountain, or create the ideal environment for your turtles and fish.

Pond Bundles

Small Pond Starter Bundle

Not sure where to start when building a pond? Our Small Pond Starter Bundle includes everything you need to build your pond!

Small Pond Decór Bundle

Build & decorate your small pond with the Small Pond Decór Bundle!

Medium Pond Bundle

Building and decorating your medium pond can be easy! The Medium Pond Bundle is for ponds up to 400 gallons.

Large Pond Bundle

Simplify your large pond build with this bundle. It includes everything you need to build and decorate a pond up to 600 gallons.

Turtle Pond Bundle

Your amphibious friends will thank you for this bundle! Build a turtle-friendly pond up to 600 gallons with everything you need for a healthy pond environment.

Fish Care Bundle

Created with the fish enthusiast in mind, the Fish Bundle makes it easy to create a safe environment for fish in any size pond.

Waterfall Bundles

Waterfall Bundle

Add a dramatic waterfall up to 10 ft. with this bundle. It includes everything you need to build, power, and illuminate your backyard waterfall.

Fountain Bundles

Fountain Bundle

Build a 3-5 ft. DIY fountain with this bundle. It bundles all the necessary components for a great fountain, including a light!

Seasonal Water Treatment Bundles

Spring Water Treatment Bundle

Jumpstart your pond in the spring with this bundle! It includes everything you need to get off to a great start in the spring.

Summer Water Treatment Bundle

Summer comes with water quality ups and downs. Get ahead of the game with the summer bundle!

Fall Water Treatment Bundle

The focus in fall is maintaining balance in your ecosystem. This bundle contains the tools you need for a healthy fall pond.