What’s Your Yard’s Feature Attraction?

Your outdoor space is an important extension to your living space. It should reflect the desired look, feel, and utility desired by you and your family. From a relaxing oasis getaway to a fun entertainment space, your yard can be transformed into exactly what is best for you. Whenever you create an outdoor space of any kind you will want a feature attraction. Something to draw people’s eyes to your yard and want them to venture into it. pond boss has just the thing. The water features include a large array of spillways to make a waterfall installation a snap as well as floating fountains for large ponds and lakes.

Water Features

These water features are definitely going to catch the eyes and ears of your family and guests  creating the finishing touch to any outdoor space. Find the perfect spillway option for you with a large variety of sizes and option that come with and without lighting included.

Floating fountains make a powerful statement to a lake or large pond and come with three different nozzle options so you can pick whatever look you desire or change it for different events or seasons.


The continued transformation of your yard goes further with supportive design and plants. Create a deck or walkway to easily move around your outdoor space. Plant trees and shrubs to fill in an unused yard space for a natural and a beautiful finish. Add pond plants to your water feature to continue the benefits you can receive from your pond or lake.


Think about seating. If you are looking to create a relaxing environment find a place to set up a hammock or find a quiet place to place lawn chairs for your outdoor getaway. If you want to create a space to entertain, think about adding an outdoor dining table and different pockets of seating for your guests to have several options of where to go and enjoy your outdoor space from many angles. 


Think about what activities you would like to do most in your outdoor space. For relaxing activities think about adding an area to garden in, add some fish to your pond to enjoy, and add some bird feeders to see all various birds you can attract to your space. If you are thinking for entertaining groups of people. Think about adding a fire pit, creating space for lawn games, and make room for the grill.

Your outdoor space is really going to transform in the the favorite room of your house as you slowly enhance and rethink your yard. Your landscaping, seating, and entertainment options are really going to make your water feature the attraction of your yard and set a peaceful yet engaging tone for your outdoor space.