What Is Your Fish Eating?

The importance of balanced fish food is a high priority to any pond owner with fish. Fish food contains a variety of ingredients that that have been combined with purpose of helping different aspects of your fish thrive. 

The most important ingredient in any fish food is protein. Fish naturally are going to be able to better digest proteins derived from fish than any other source. Proteins are key particularly in warmer months for growth and in younger fish and sustained weight in larger fish as fish build muscle weight. Proteins derived from plants are also beneficial to fish as they provide carbohydrates, fiber, and proteins which help support that energy of the fish.

The fat content of your fish food is important to the health of your fish. You want to look for a fish food that has an overall fat content of 3-10%. It is best for older fish to be on the lower end of that spectrum while younger fish can be on the higher end. All fish need some fat in their diet, but younger fish need to build up fat and are more likely to burn it off more quickly than an older fish that has already accumulated a healthy level of fat over their lifetime. If you have a mix of fish ages find a healthy medium and provide younger fish with some extra treat every once in awhile.

Minerals found in a fish diet help to support the bone strength, proper blood clotting and balance, and fish breathing. This can often be an overlooked series of ingredients, but it makes a dramatic difference in the health of the fish.

Vitamins help to support a balanced diet much like in humans, and can provide tremendous benefits for a protected immune system. Deficiencies in vitamins can result in visible signs of illness around the eyes, on the scales, and in responsiveness.

Immune boosters are additives that in addition to vitamins go above and beyond in supporting a strengthened immune system.

Color enhancing ingredients are another additive that help you be able to enjoy vibrant colors of your beautiful pond fish.

Now that you know more about what your fish are eating, you will be able to properly determine the best fish food option for your pond fish. It is important to remember that health amounts of fish food are also important to a balanced diet. Never feed more than four times a day and only feed whatever amount can be eaten in a short amount of time. Try not to miss too many regular feeding times in warmer months as fish can scavenge for a snack in your pond around the base of your pond and around pond plants, but that can’t hold them over for extend periods of time. If you plan on traveling over the summer make sure and friend or neighbor can come by to feed your fish.