What Do I Do When My Pond Freezes Over?

Since many lakes and ponds across the US and Canada are susceptible to freezing during the winter months, pond owners are encouraged to practice proper backyard pond maintenance in order to protect them from damage caused by the freezing temperatures. Even the frost brought on by winter can be enough to cause damage to some pond equipment and decorations.

Here are some recommended products from that will help you keep your pond running through cold spells:

  • Pond Aerator – This product promotes a healthy pond environment. The internal pump circulates water while oxygen is added, which is critical for fish and plant health.
  • Cold Water Bacteria – This is a great product to maintain your pond during the shutdown of winter. It contains good bacteria that thrive in colder temperatures and they’ll work to control the sludge and break down residual dead matter in the pond all winter long, reducing spring cleanup.

During a mild frost, preventing the water from freezing over can be as simple as dropping a tennis ball in the water to slow the formation of ice. If the ice does freeze over, then removing the ball will create a much-needed oxygen vent for fish and aquatic plants. Another inexpensive option for a short mild frost involves covering small deck ponds and other water features for ponds with either layer of bubble wrap or other insulators. Regarding pond decorations, most people choose to take their decorations inside for the winter to keep them from incurring damage. Remember, the key to keeping your pond running through the winter is proper maintenance.