The Best Water Treatments to Use in Fall

During the fall season people spend a lot of time outdoors, it can be hard to remember the need for fall pond maintenance in the midst of all of the seasons’ activities. No need to worry. Fall maintenance does not need to be all consuming and after a few tips you will be able to be back to fall festivals, football season, and holidays events in no time. One of the key components of the season’s maintenance is using the correct water treatments.

Routine Maintenance Program

Continuing maintenance routines such as the those that impact high nutrient loads, like falling leaves, is particularly important in fall. Natural Barley Pond Clarifier is a natural solution to minimizing high nutrient loads and should be used once per month for best results. The Pond and Fountain Cleaner Tablets are another great solution that can be used as a part of your maintenance routine to help minimize organic loads in the water. Dosing instructions call for tablets to be used every other week for best results.

Sludge Remover

Decaying leaves that have sunk to the bottom of the pond create a sludge layer, so the water treatment best used to combat the toxins that are released is to use the Sludge Remover to break down this organic buildup. This water treatment tackles the biggest maintenance concern of fall head on. To help water quality after your pond has experienced a sludge layer, pair the Sludge Remover with aeration to restore oxygen levels that may have been reduced due to high nutrient loads. Consider how adding a waterfall or fountain nozzle can help add dissolved oxygen into your pond, 

Water Quality

In fall, it is also important to determine your water quality to ensure that all levels are healthy particularly as we are moving into winter months. Pond pest strips are a simple way to determine aspects of your water levels that may need to be correct. Test strips determine water quality in the key areas of: alkalinity levels, nitrate levels, nitrite levels, water hardness, and pH balance. Fall is the perfect time to correct your water quality to make sure everything is prepare for the winter months.

Now that your water quality is balanced with the use of your routine maintenance program, extra boost of sludge remover, and have tested your water to determine water quality, you are well prepare for your pond maintenance routine. For more tips on fall maintenance, visit our FAQ page.

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