Spring Maintenance Tips & Tricks

Spring is a great time of year to enjoy outdoor activities, and the subtle sights and sounds of moving water add a beautiful background to all you have planned outdoors.  You will want to make sure your pond, fish, and plants are all at their best to get the most out of this season. Follow this temperature guide to determine what tips and tricks as temperatures rise. *Note this guide is based on water temperature rather than weather temperature, so you may want a water thermometer.

  Test your pond water for high ammonia and nitrites. For free water testing grab a bucket of pond water and take it to your local pet store. Most pet stores that carry fish will be able to do a free water test for you. If levels are too high, perform a 25%-50% water change to help correct it. When re-filling the pond with tap water, use a Chlorine Remover to remove any harsh chemicals. Place pumps and filters back in your pond; run for a few hours while checking on performance, ensuring there are no leaks. If you used an aerator during the winter, leave it in the pond to continue oxygenating the water all season. You can reintroduce your fish to your pond if they overwintered indoors.
  Begin feeding fish a low protein food.
  Begin feeding fish on their regular diet and add tropical plants back into your pond. If necessary, perform a 50% water change. Always use Chlorine Remover when introducing tap water to your pond.
Now that you have your guide to spring readiness, start planning some of those backyard events. Invite friends over for a barbecue, let all the kids come over for a play date, or make a family picnic. The possibilities are endless!