Pond Items to Remove in the Winter

Winter means colder temperatures in many areas of the country. No matter where you are, you will likely need to prepare for the change in seasons for your pond. One of the major questions you may ask is: Which pond accessories should a pond owner remove in the winter? The answer will depend on your location and the expected temperature levels. Below are some of the most common pond items you will find and whether you will need to remove them.

Pond Pump

If your pond is going to go through a deep freeze, removing the pump is a good idea. On the other hand, if you expect a temporary temperature drop, leave your pump running as it can help keep the water thawed.

Fountains and Water Features

Like the pond pumps, water features supply much-needed oxygen and water-circulation to your pond. This can be beneficial if you are expecting a short temperature drop. For longer periods of freezing temperatures, you may want to remove these features or shut them off. This will prevent internal damage to the fountain or water feature for ponds.

Leaves and Debris

It is important to clear out leaves and debris before your pond freezes. The debris can become trapped in the pond and will deteriorate and release harmful gasses in some situations. Use a skimmer to remove leaves, and be sure to clean out the bottom of the pond before winter strikes.


Most of the time, you will not need to remove your pond fish. However, you should check with your fish dealer to see what temperatures your fish can tolerate. If it gets cold enough, your fish will move to the bottom of the pond and enter hibernation mode, where they do not eat, move infrequently, and respiration slows.


For some areas of the country, moving fish indoors and draining your pond is the best option. Yet, in places like Florida, you will rarely see this done as it does not get cold enough to justify the effort. In areas like Florida, you may need to prepare for a rainy season instead of freezing. This requires draining some of the water to prevent your pond from overrunning.

Decorative Items

Usually, pond owners take their decorative items inside for the winter because they are not outside as much to enjoy them. Taking these decorations indoors prevents cracks or other damage caused by wet conditions and temperature fluctuations.

Preparing Your Pond for Winter By Removing Pond Items

Whether you need to do a major winterization or just address a few equipment issues, having an expert to field questions can be quite helpful. The experienced professionals at pond boss® can be a great resource.