Pond Care Calendar

Pond Care Calendar

Every season brings something new to a water garden. Help yourself stay on top of maintenance. Create a Pond Care Calendar to know the basic tasks for each season.


  • Un-winterize by undoing everything from the winter
  • Start feeding the fish when the water temperature is consistently above 50 degrees
  • Clean out any debris
  • Fertilize the plants
  • Pump out the water and replace it


  • Keep water levels up
  • Clean the filter as needed
  • Continue fertilizing the plants
  • Keep up with aeration
  • Feed the fish


  • Keep debris out of the pond (consider a cover)
  • Continue feeding the fish
  • Continue cleaning the pond filters

Winter (if you have one) 

  • Winterize the pond by either turning off the pump or making sure that no water is pumped from the bottom of the pond
  • Keep one area free from ice to allow oxygen in and toxic air out
  • Stop feeding the fish