How to Treat Algae in Your Pond

Algae can be a tough thing to control, especially if you have a large lake or pond. When winter is over and you feel better that the sun is peeking through months of gloomy gray clouds, the fish and plant life also come to life. But with the sunlight, algae also make its home in your pond or lake and these green algae blooms make every pond owner dread the coming months. The warmer temperatures and sunlight is the perfect environment for algae to breed. How to treat algae in your pond or lake?

Never fear!  There are ways to combat algae without spending long days doing it. If your pond is of a smaller size, then it’s definitely not a big problem. One hit of your garden hose and you’re good to go. Water in force can remove algae from your rock sculptures and formations. But what do you do if your pond is large, or if you are maintaining a lake?

How do you clean algae in your pond?

There are two ways. You can go for natural methods or by purchasing chemicals from your favorite pond product store. If you go the natural route, you can invest in oxygenating plants such as lilies that provide shade and discourage the growth of algae by competing for resources and limiting sunlight – basically, starving the algae and preventing large blooms. This simple step of adding plants to your pond or lake is a great and effective solution to making sure that algae growth is controlled.  After all, nobody wants to see a green lake when they’re looking for clean, clear waters.

Another option is to add enhancements such as sprinklers, fountains, and diffusers that keep the water active and don’t allow algae to form. Another manmade product would be to use water treatments that help control algae growth. Trust us, it has never been this easy to clean your pond and get rid of algae quickly.