Filtration Systems and Products for Ponds with Fish

If you are a pond owner and want your water to be clear and your fish to stay healthy, then it all comes down to choosing the right filtration systems. Since all ponds are different, there is not a one-size-fits-all solution. So, determining the best pond filter is dependent upon each pond’s environment and the respective goals of each pond owner.

Here are some of the most common filtration systems.

  • Canister Pressurized Filter – Recommended for small to very small ponds, this type of filter provides both mechanical and biological filtration via a foam media. They require frequent, manual cleaning and may be used with low to medium flow pumps.
  • Bead Pressurized Filter – An attractive and prudent option for koi ponds, these pressurized filters are convenient to maintain and can be placed either above or below the surface of the water.
  • Waterfall Filter – These filters are placed above the water level and work when water enters from the bottom and passes through a medium such as a filter mat. Waterfall filters can be a very efficient biological filtration system for ponds with fish, but they can prove difficult to clean. 
  • Box Filters – Box filters provide both biological and mechanical filtration to ponds when water flows through various stages of filter media. pond boss® Complete Filter Kit with Pump is ideal for use in ponds up to 500 gallons. It is cost-efficient and provides you with all you need to filter your pond’s water. Plus, it offers a water-spray nozzle head for aeration and pond decoration.
  • Barrel Filters – For those self-proclaimed ‘do-it-yourselfers’, barrel filters can be made from a 55-gallon plastic drum containing filter mediums that work to provide biological and mechanical filtration. These filters rely on gravity to discharge.
  • In-Pond Filter – Pond owners who are seeking a budget friendly method of adding a filtration system to their ponds typically opt for in-pond filters because they are easy to install. However, they can be difficult to maintain.
  • Skimmer Filters – Skimmers function by skimming water from the top of a pond to remove debris from the surface. Skimmers are easy to clean and can also provide mechanical filtration when combined with a filter mat. 
  • Bog Filter – Also referred to as plant filters, bog filters are typically only add-ons used to support other types of filtrations systems.