Choosing the Right Aquatic Plants for Your Backyard Pond

Aquatic plants are essential in creating a healthy backyard pond ecosystem. They work to add beauty to any backyard setting and have many other benefits too.

Did you know that aquatic_plants comprise up to 90% of the life that exists in natural wetlands? In addition to limiting algae growth, pond plants also work to naturally filter the water by breaking down toxic compounds and pathogens.

Some additional benefits include: providing shelter to pet fish, maintaining pond oxygenation and blocking excess sunlight.

Prior to choosing aquatic plants, research some of the varieties that are recommended for backyard ponds to learn about growth habits and size.

Here are some aquatic plants that are commonly suggested for a backyard pond:

  • Submerged Plants (ex. Anacharis & Cabomba)
  • Marginal & Bog Plants (ex. Cattails &Irises)
  • Deep Water Emergent Plants (ex. Water Lilies & Lotus)
  • Floating Plants (ex. Water Hyacinths & Water Lettuce)