A Simple Spring To-Do List for Your Water Garden

Spring is just around the corner! Excitement is bubbling up in anticipation for enjoying your pond and water garden. Now is the time to do some regular maintenance and inspections, so that your pond is in peak condition. Planning ahead enables you to do all the things that you just didn’t have time to do last year—and then some! Follow this spring pond checklist to get your pond ready and working great just in time for spring. Your inner water gardener is calling!

Sit down and make a wish list.

Now is a great time to consider making improvements to your pond. Have you been considering pond water features or other addition? Spring is the perfect time to add those items so you can enjoy them the whole season. pond boss® can help you determine what equipment and supplies you need to make your pond dreams a reality.

Take inventory and inspect your equipment.

This spring is also a great time to replace items that are looking worn out. Check your equipment for leaks, potential electrical problems, or troubles with erosion. Was there anything last year that you wished you had? Add it to your shopping list this year. Getting the right water gardening tools and equipment now will save you headaches all year long. Be sure to add water treatments to your shopping list as well!

Thoroughly remove debris.

Remove the debris in and around your pond. This will help you tackle pond sludge before it happens. The organic matter that makes up pond sludge can release toxic chemicals that may harm your pond. A pond vacuum may be a good investment. Although cleaning out the pond may not be the most enjoyable part of water gardening, it is definitely necessary.

Does a partial water change?

Your pond water is usually not filtered in the winter. Remove part of the water to prevent the buildup of undesirable chemicals and bacteria. These can make your pond unhealthy and unsightly. You might consider using a chlorine remover to soften and remove the harsh chemicals often found in tap or hose water.