4 Steps in Maintaining Your Koi Fish Pond During Freezing Weather

pond boss® wants to help pond owners protect their Koi fish and water gardening products during the harsh winter months by providing them with the proper guidance regarding Koi pond maintenance and the right materials. Because Koi fish are cold blooded, they can adapt to the temperature of their environments, but you still need to take some necessary steps to keep them healthy through the winter.

Here are some effective techniques, along with some recommended products, that will help your Koi survive the winter months:

  1. You should stop feeding your Koi when the water temperature dips below 50°F to keep the ammonia levels in check. The metabolism of Koi fish slows down drastically during the wintertime and they rely upon their stored body fat.
  2. Pond owners should also keep a hole in the ice to allow for gas exchange. It’s important to remember that fish not only require oxygen, but they also expel carbon dioxide. The CO2 levels will spike if your pond doesn’t have any vents resulting in a buildup of carbonic acid that can become too toxic to support life.
  3. Use an aerator to keep oxygen levels optimal and resist ice formation on the surface of the water.
  4. Use a beneficial bacteria to keep up on any dead matter within the pond during winter. Material like fall leaves and dead plants, or even uneaten fish food, will decompose and cause issues over time. Cold water bacteria will also reduce spring clean up.