4 Features to Add to Your Backyard Pond this Spring

The best thing about your backyard pond is that it is uniquely you. Your water gardening hobby reflects your personality, life, and vitality. You can make it even more unique by adding pond décor, water features, or even creative pond filtration systems. The tough part is deciding which feature to include!

Water Features: Fountains and Spitters

Flowing water is well known for being relaxing and calming. Fountains and spitters are a great way mimic a waterfall sound without going through the work of actually installing a waterfall or cascade. You can choose either a traditional fountain or one that floats. Water gardeners often place the floating fountain in the middle of the pond for a dramatic effect. There are also spitters that sit along the edge of the pond. Each of these pond water features provides aeration (oxygenation of water) which is an essential part of maintaining a healthy pond.

Pond Décor: Plants

Pond plants are a staple in many ponds. This is because most pond owners realize the significant benefits of having plant life in their pond. Adding floating or flowering plants can really add to the color and character of your pond. Add an extra layer of dimension by including in-water plants that also serve as plant décor. Plants provide shade and protection to pond inhabitants, and some varieties help filter water. Need help choosing plants? Find tips here.

Water Features: Waterfalls and Cascades

Waterfalls and cascades create a wow-factor for most ponds. You can make a waterfall as simple or as elaborate as you’d like. Most waterfalls include a pumping feature that circulates the water up to a top-level basin from a lower level basin. This type of set up really just requires a little elbow grease and creativity, and pond boss has all the pumps, spillways, and supplies you need to get started.

Pond Décor: Surrounding Rocks

Sometimes waterfalls or even fountains are just too much for a small pond. They may also take away from the natural feel of the space. If an additional water featured for ponds seems like it wouldn’t be a good fit for your pond, you could consider adding a simple rock formation or pattern around the edge of your pond. This adds color, keeps pond wildlife in, and keeps unwanted things out, like debris or lawn chemicals.

Planning Your Pond

Be sure that your pond reflects your personality. You can try the suggestions above or you could also add things like bridges, lighting, or fish. The possibilities are endless!