Why You Should Use a Lake Tint

Have you walked golf course with beautiful blue water or driven by that gorgeous looking lake on your drive home? These water features are likely using a lake tint to achieve that picture perfect coloring. Lake tint adds a beautiful hue to the water but the benefits of the tint are much more.

Algae Prevention

The top reason to use lake tint is to help with algae prevention. The tint creates a color that reflects the sunlight off of the surface of the water. Algae needs sunlight as a plant to continue to grow, so this will stunt any growth before it happens.

Fish Protection

Reflecting sunlight provides a major benefit to fish inhabitants as well. It is often overlooked that fish can become sunburnt if they don’t have placed to hide during peak sunlight. A tint can provide that protection need for fish anywhere they swim in the lake. It also masks fish from their predators. While tint can’t provide full protection for predators, it gives them a much better protection from fowl. 

Water Treatment Conservation

Lake tint is a great tool to conserve other more expensive water treatments. With tint, a little bit goes a long way. If you mix some with another treatment such as an algaecide, you can use it as a marker to make sure you only use enough as is needed throughout the lake.

Aside from the great benefits of algae prevention, fish protection, and water treatment conservation lake tint is a beautiful addition to any lake. If you love the aesthetic of a tint, what are you waiting for there are so many more benefits.