Why to Add a Fountain to Your Lake

Having a lake can bring so much life to a backyard space, housing community, farm, or golf course. Not only does water bring people together, but it supports life of local wildlife, and adds beauty to any space. Adding a fountain to this space only enhances all of the current benefits of having a lake.


Fountains keep water moving and helps increase dissolved oxygen levels in the water. This is helpful for fish and aquatic plant life. Fountains are the best option for aeration in more shallow bodies of water where sub surface aeration is not an option. Fountains can also be added to lakes with sub surface aeration to expand water that is being affected by aeration efforts our to reach the more shallow areas of the lake.

Water Movement

Fountains also help mix water by pulling water through a pump that sits under the water’s surface and spraying it across the surface of the water. This movement of water keeps temperatures more even throughout as a benefit for fish and other aquatic life. The spray of the water also helps in disrupting the water surface which makes it harder for animals like mosquitoes to lay eggs in your lake encouraging lower mosquito populations around your lake.


Fountains are probably most notably known for the beauty added to a lake. Fountains are a simple addition to a lake not requiring any other products for installation. pond boss® PRO floating fountains come with LED lights to illuminate the water feature every evening. Each floating fountain also comes with 3 different nozzle options allowing you to choose what appearance you are looking for from a fountain, trumpet, single-tier, and 3-tier.

To choose the best fountain option for your lake, it is best to size it by your lake or the space you would like affected by the fountain. Choose between a fountain for a half-acre or quarter-acre and you are well on your way to to enjoying your new beautiful floating fountain.