How to Protect Your Lake During a Drought

Since freshwater is arguably the most important liquid on the planet when it comes to sustaining life, successful lake management during drought periods is crucial to minimize any impact. A drought can have severe economic, environmental, and social consequences.

Economic Impacts

Depending on the severity of a drought, it can negatively affect the economy by causing both people and businesses to lose money. Farmers are typically the first portion of the population to experience the effects of drought because their crops can be destroyed due to lack of water and they are forced to allocate more of their budget towards irrigation. Also, food prices typically rise during times of drought, electricity prices from hydroelectric power soar, and the price of municipal water also rises.

Environmental Impacts

Drought can also be extremely detrimental to the environment. Not only does it damage the natural habitat of plants and animals; it also leads to increased diseases in animals that can result in the extinction of endangered species. Soil quality is diminished due to wind erosion making it more difficult for farmers to grow crops.

Protecting Your Freshwater

So, learning more about natural disasters like droughts is crucial to achieving effective freshwater management strategies. Here are some methods and products that are recommended by the lake management experts at pond boss® that can help you combat the effects of a drought.

  • Rainwater Harvesting – Collecting and repurposing rainwater have many benefits on the environment. Since it is virtually free from all pollutants and man-made contaminants, it can be purified and used for drinking water purposes and irrigation. It also reduces the demand on groundwater sources and wetlands.
  • Conservation Techniques – Conserving freshwater supplies that already exist will help ensure that supplies last through impending droughts.
  • Weather forecasting – Since periods of drought are often predicted well in advance, heeding the forecasts of meteorologists can contribute to lessening any adverse impacts of a drought.
  • The Block™ 5 lb. Bio-Maintenance – The Block™ by pond boss® PRO is a blend of live bacteria and enzymes specifically designed to improve water quality by reducing unwanted nutrients.