Halloween Yard Decorations

October is a great time of year to get into the fun of Halloween and prepare for Trick or Treaters or set the stage for your Halloween party. You put so much work into your yard all year round, so make sure it continues to catch attention this month as well.

 Start out with the classic spooky decor of ghosts, tombstones, and spiderwebs. Your store will have cobwebs and remember a little bit goes a long way. Use white sheet and an inflated balloon to create structure of your ghost to hang from a tree. Get more creative and make a life(less)-like ghost using chicken wire and follow this tutorial. Add fake snakes coming out from under your doormat and add skeletons to your porch chairs.
 For a more child friendly environment stick with the classic jack-o-lanterns. Make sure to stock up on individually sealed candy and leave your porch light on for the 31st to signal trick-or-treaters that your home has candy. Make your home look seasonal with a hay bale or two and create a seasonal wreath with fake red, orange, and yellow leaves and use a wide burlap ribbon.
 pond boss® is here to help with the spooky decor. Use a light set to power your jack-o-lanterns and take advantage of the dawn-to-dusk to save on electric costs and rely on the safety of using a light rather than a candle. Make sure to use our fountain fogger this time of year. If you don’t have a fountain, add this floating fogger to a cauldron for a spooky effect with the safety of not needing to use dry ice around children or pets.