Key Items to Remember About Proper Fountain Maintenance

Water fountains are one of the most relaxing features that you can add to your backyard pond. Not only will they promote a relaxing environment, but they can also attract an abundance of wildlife. However, like anything else with mechanical parts, there are some essential things to remember regarding proper fountain maintenance.

Following simple steps and properly maintaining your fountain can help extend its life. Here are some considerations and products to remember regarding fountain maintenance.

  • The heart of fountain maintenance is the pump – Depending on the make and model of your pump, fountain pumps could last several years, but even the best on the market are not immune from eventually wearing out. If you want to keep your water fountain properly maintained, then servicing and cleaning the pumps regularly are arguably the most important steps you can take to keep your fountain in perfect working condition for many years to come.The pond boss® 170 GPH Fountain Pump Plus Light with Low Water Auto Shut-Off Feature is ideal for use in small fountains up to 3 feet in height.

  • Routine cleaning – Over time, water can leave unsightly limescale residue on the surface of a fountain. pond boss® Fountain and Birdbath Cleaner helps clear this limescale, leaving your beautiful fountain looking new. Murky water? Try Pond and Fountain Cleaner Tablets which contain enzymes and beneficial bacteria to help clear pollutants and keep the water clean.
  • Fountain placement matters – Although regular fountain cleaning might be the most significant thing to remember regarding proper fountain maintenance, placing your fountain in an ideal location ensures that it does not become damaged due to heavy foot traffic or other natural weather elements. Look for and position your fountain in areas that are visible, but away from passers-by and overgrown shrubs.
  • Fight against algae – Where there is sitting water, there will be algae growth. There are many benefits linked to algae, and it does have a significant role in most ecosystems, including oxygen production. However, algae can be very destructive to water fountains. There are many products available that make it possible to combat its growth. Algae can be diminished by either introducing an aeration system or chemicals to a water supply. A major downfall regarding the use of chemicals is that they may be harmful to birds, fish and even the water plants living around your fountain. So, do your research to make sure any chemicals being used are safe before dispersing them into the water. (Note: pond boss® offers an algaecide for ponds and fountains that is designed to be safe for plant and fish life.) Aeration systems work to break down algae by adding additional oxygen into the water. This helps to generate useful bacteria that breaks down unwanted debris and aids in clearing the water. Sump pumps and aerators are both reliable aeration methods.

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