5 Steps to Restarting Your Fountain in Spring

5 Steps to restarting your fountain


As snow and ice start to melt, birds return, and plants start to awaken, you know spring is arriving.  It is a great time to start giving your lawn and outdoor space some extra care to get the most out of your outdoor living space.  As winter comes to a close, it is time to consider restarting your fountain.   

Remove the Signs of Winter

If you have any snow or ice still formed on your fountain, it is still too early to open your fountain. It is best to brush off as much snow from the fountain as possible. If there is any ice formed on the fountain, pour warm water over it until it is able to melt and remove any water left from the basin with a towel. If any additional snow is anticipated, place a dry towel in the fountain basin and remove before any snow melts and freezes in the fountain. 

Remove any Debris

Throughout winter, strong winds can pull twigs, leaves, or pine needles into your fountains basin. This step should not take long. Simply brush out any debris from the basin of the fountain.  At this time, you may notice some buildup on your fountain. You can treat limescale and hard water buildup with Fountain and Birdbath Cleaner.  It is simpler to treat these stains directly with a soft sponge prior to restarting for best results. 

Add Your Pump

Once your fountain is cleared, it is time to add your pump back into place. Your fountain may have a reservoir or a space in the basin for the pump to connect to any tubing. Put that back into place, waiting to connect to the power source. This is also a great time to add a light set to highlight your water feature.

Add Water

Now it's time to add water into the lowest level basin of your fountain. Once the pump is fully submerged, you can connect the pump to the power source. Adjust the water levels by adding or removing water until achieve your preferred look. pond boss fountain pumps come equipped with flow control. You can adjust the flow to your ideal pumping output and change the way water sprays at the top of your fountain. 


If you notice the pump is still not performing to its normal potential, unplug the pump and complete a quick maintenance check. Follow along here for instructions. Open the pump cover, ensure there is not any buildup on the interworks of the pump or debris on the impeller. Gently clean the impeller with warm water and a soft bristled brush. If you need any additional help evaluating your pump’s performance, contact Customer Care. If that doesn't work, it may be time for a replacement.

Once you've completed all these steps, your fountain is officially open for the season, and you're officially a #pondbossBOSS.