NSFTN Small Fountain Nozzle kit,Accents
NSFTN Small Fountain Nozzle kitNSFTN Small Fountain Nozzle kitNSFTN Small Fountain Nozzle kit

Small Fountain Nozzle Kit

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The pond boss® Small Fountain Nozzle Kit provides options for different decorative water displays in fountains and containers. Besides creating beautiful displays, nozzles allow you to control the direction of water flow and aerate the water by introducing oxygen to your water feature. The kit includes waterspray, trumpet, and waterbell nozzle heads as well as an adaptor for the nozzle tube to fit the pump’s outlet. The telescoping nozzle extension tube expands from 5 in. to 9 in. to adjust to the depth of your pond, fountain, or container.

  • Includes nozzle heads to create waterspray, waterbell, and trumpet decorative displays
  • Aerates and decorates ponds, fountains, and containers
  • Adjustable telescoping nozzle extension tube goes from 5 in. to 9 in.
  • Adaptor for nozzle tube to fit pump outlet included
  • Compatible with pumps (pump not included): PF75, PF140, PF185AS, and PF185ASL

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