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Should I Run My Waterfall in Winter?


Should I Run My Waterfall in Winter?Winter is a wonderful time of year that provides beautiful snowscapes.  Often times, people are unsure about what to do with their waterfalls in more frigid temperatures.  Here are a few things to consider to help you to determine if your waterfall should be run on your water feature during winter. Read more Should I Run My Waterfall in Winter?

How to Close Your Pond for Winter

How to Close Your Pond for WinterAs winter temperatures are beginning, it is time to start preparing your pond for winter.  The first thing to determine is what water temperatures you are anticipating in your area.  If you anticipate your pond to freeze solid or just the surface of your pond to freeze, your steps will be different. Read more How to Close Your Pond for Winter

Prepping for Closing Your Pond

Prepping for Closing Your PondAs cooler temperatures arrive, it is time to begin thinking about how to prepare for closing your pond for winter.  Depending on the region you live in and the temperatures you anticipate can alter the preparations you need to make before winter.  This information will focus on those areas which anticipate freezing temperatures, so if you do not anticipate this kind of weather, you can adjust your preparation needs.  Closing your pond is the process of winterizing your pond by preparing your pond pump, fish, and plants. Read more Prepping for Closing Your Pond

The 411 on UV Technology for Ponds


The 411 on UV Technology for PondsUV Technology can sound like a pretty intimidating filtration option for you pond, but pond boss makes it simple and we will break down why this might be a great filtration solution for your pond. UV technology is compact solution that is proactive with simple maintenance. This really could be the simplest filtration system that you have been looking for. Read more The 411 on UV Technology for Ponds

It’s Time to Prepare Your Pond for a Freeze – Infographics

prepare your pondEvery season brings different perks as well as challenges to a pond owner. In the fall, pond maintenance means getting ready for freezing weather. There are several reasons for this. When temperatures drop, pond water features could be damaged if water freezes solid. The same thing is true of pond pumps and filters. And of course, plants and fish need to be properly cared for if they are to survive the winter. To make sure both your pond inhabitants and its accessories have a long life, you must take time each fall to prepare your pond for the upcoming winter. This infographic explains in just three simple steps how to prepare pond decorations, water features, pumps, and filters for freezing weather.

Keep Your Pond Running Throughout the Winter — To a Point

Keep Your Pond Running

Since many ponds across the US and Canada are susceptible to freezing during the winter months, pond owners are encouraged to practice proper backyard pond maintenance in order to protect them from damage caused by the freezing temperatures. Even the frost brought on by winter can be enough to cause freezing damage to pond equipment and other pond decorations. Read more Keep Your Pond Running Throughout the Winter — To a Point

Protect Your Pond’s Water Features from Freezing Weather

Protect Pond Water FeaturesAllowing pond water features to freeze solid during the winter is a danger to every aspect of a pond. How so? A dam – surface layer (the water will freeze horizontally rather than vertically) of ice blocks water flow, allowing the surface of the pond to become still and eventually freeze over. If not cared for, this can cause fish to die from a lack of oxygen or from the dropping temperatures. It also poses a danger to other pond accessories, like pumps and filters. Fortunately, there are some great options for winter-proofing pond water features. Read more Protect Your Pond’s Water Features from Freezing Weather