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How to Protect Your Pond Pump in Fall

How to Protect Your Pond Pump in FallFall is  great time of year to enjoy the outdoors.  Pond maintenance become simpler from summer’s maintaenance routine, but leaves falling into your pond can become a real concern.  Your pond pump needs to not be clogged with leaves to obstruct water flow.  pond boss has a few solutions to help protect your pump all season long: Pond Skimmer, pumpshield®, and Universal Pump Filter Box. Read more How to Protect Your Pond Pump in Fall

The Best Water Treatments to Use in Fall

The Best Water Treatments to Use in Fall

During the fall season people spend a lot of time outdoors, it can be hard to remember the need for fall pond maintenance in the midst of all of the seasons’ activities. No need to worry. Fall maintenance does not need to be all consuming and after a few tips you will be able to be back to fall festivals, football season, and holidays events in no time. One of the key components of the season’s maintenance is using the correct water treatments. Read more The Best Water Treatments to Use in Fall

The 411 on Ponds in Fall

The 411 on Ponds in FallFall is undoubtedly a great time to enjoy your pond. With mild temperatures and the beautiful colors with the leaves changing, being outdoors during this season is a high priority for so many. Being out by the pond adds an extra excitement to your pond. It is a great time to enjoy all of your hard work this spring and summer through the maintenance and any additions you have made. Plus, all of those beautifully colored trees makes for some awesome reflections on the surface of the water. Here are our tips to make sure you are making the most out of your pond this fall. Read more The 411 on Ponds in Fall

When It Is Time for Product Maintenance

When It Is Time for Product Maintenance

From time to time, your pond pumps, filters, lights, and nozzles will need to be maintained. Just like other products, maintenance ensures the best performance and longest lifespan of your product. When it comes to your pond, if you notice lower performance from a pump or filter for example, it is time to take it out to clean it. Let’s walk through what this looks like and how to be maintain your products. Read more When It Is Time for Product Maintenance

Water Quality Month

Water Quality MonthFrom the years 2005 to 2015 the United Nations call upon the world for an international decade of action call “Water for Life” to highlight the importance of water quality at the time and for years to come. They outline the need for change as “Declining water quality has become a global issue of concern as human populations grow, industrial and agricultural activities expand, and climate change threatens to cause major alterations to the hydrological cycle”. Out of this campaign, August was designated as Water Quality month. Read more Water Quality Month

Top Summer Maintenance Tips

Summer Maintenance Tips

Summer is here and it is time for barbecues, family trips, and fun in the sun. Ponds in the summer are a bit of a different story. They are experiencing high nutrient loads and too much sun. Here is your guide to combat these problems and get back to all of the fun activities you have planned. Read more Top Summer Maintenance Tips

Which Water Treatments Should I Use?


Water Treatments

Maintaining a pond when it comes to water treatments can see daunting at first. There are a lot of options out there, and you certainly don’t want to be using anything in excess or a product to solve a different problem than the one you maybe experiencing. This quick guide will match you with the product that you should be using based on what your are wanting to achieve from your pond. Read more Which Water Treatments Should I Use?

The Benefits of Registering Your Product

Product Registration

We specialize in premium quality water gardening products to create, maintain, and enhance your pond, fountain, or water feature. This means that when you purchase a pond boss® product, you are getting something that we stand behind as a quality product, and that is why product registration is so important. Product registration is a simple as 1, 2, 3 all we need to know is a little bit able your product, your water feature, and you, everything is included online on this easy to complete form. Read more The Benefits of Registering Your Product

How to Create a Pond Maintenance Log


It is time to be thinking about a reopening your pond to enjoy for the warmer seasons. This time of year is great for being outdoors.  We want to help make sure that enjoyment last throughout the year, and maintenance log can help you make sure you keep pond water balanced and healthy to stop problems before they even start. Read more How to Create a Pond Maintenance Log