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Prepping for Closing Your Pond

Prepping for Closing Your PondAs cooler temperatures arrive, it is time to begin thinking about how to prepare for closing your pond for winter.  Depending on the region you live in and the temperatures you anticipate can alter the preparations you need to make before winter.  This information will focus on those areas which anticipate freezing temperatures, so if you do not anticipate this kind of weather, you can adjust your preparation needs.  Closing your pond is the process of winterizing your pond by preparing your pond pump, fish, and plants. Read more Prepping for Closing Your Pond

How to Safely Use Water Treatments in a Fish Pond

Water Treatments for Fish Ponds

Your fish pond is the focal point and life force of your yard. Summertime can bring worries to a pond owner of how to keep water clear and balances as green water tries to take over the home of your fish. Water treatments are often suggested to bring water back into balance, but is this really safe if you have fish in your pond? Read more How to Safely Use Water Treatments in a Fish Pond

Top Summer Maintenance Tips

Summer Maintenance Tips

Summer is here and it is time for barbecues, family trips, and fun in the sun. Ponds in the summer are a bit of a different story. They are experiencing high nutrient loads and too much sun. Here is your guide to combat these problems and get back to all of the fun activities you have planned. Read more Top Summer Maintenance Tips

Add Aeration to Your Pond with a Waterfall

Aeration is a key component to any water feature.  Aeration is the introduction of dissolved oxygen into the water.  It is simple to identify if aeration is being introduced to your pond.  Do you notice bubbles on the surface of your water from a fountain nozzle or waterfall?  If not, it is time to consider how you would like to add aeration to your pond. Read more Add Aeration to Your Pond with a Waterfall

Pond Aeration Systems: Finding the Best Equipment

Pond AerationInstalling an aerator for pond has its advantages for your backyard pond. However, what equipment is required to increase the oxygen levels in the water? Since there is a variety of aeration equipment on the market, from aerators and spitters to waterfalls and nozzle kits, choosing the best aeration system for your pond can seem somewhat daunting at first. Read more Pond Aeration Systems: Finding the Best Equipment